Fairhills Capital, LLC

Fairhills Capital, LLC provides consulting services to companies seeking financing in the $3 - $30 million range. We work with companies to analyze their risk profile, consider the sources of funding appropriate to their situation, assess the market in terms of interested parties and likely pricing, and recommend approaches to capital sources that are most likely to meet their needs. Often banks refer business to us recognizing that we assist their clients in achieving their liquidity goals, enabling them to better qualify for additional bank services.

Clients that have benefited from our services include:

Leasing companies expanding their credit sources - we have assisted our clients in obtaining increased advance rates on support lines of credit as well as term loans supported by portfolio residual values.

Expansion capital - a media company seeking to expand into new markets obtained mezzanine debt through our efforts.

We assisted our client needing liquidity for his private investment portfolio by advising how to structure the debt to assure a new lender of a source of repayment.